• Elastocinca, is the result of more than 18 years of study and knowledge that covers an existing need in industrial environments with rubber waste.

  • We were born with the aim of solving the problem suffered by manufacturers of modified bitumen with the use of the out of use tires in bituminous mixes for asphalt paving. 

  • After many years in the business of tire recycling, Elastocinca, patented in 2005 a system by which the tire out of use dust, is transformed by a physical and chemical process into a fine and fluffy material with its molecular structure disintegrated. This spongiform rubber powder was suitable for mixing in asphalts, producing stable bitumens to storage, avoiding the jamming of pumps and facilitating the transfer without asole in the tanks and vats.

  • In 2009 we expanded our technology to other types of rubbers. Since 2011 we have de-vulcanized any residual rubber and returned it to the production process as virging material. The reuse of the same material, not only supposes a saving of costs in the waste management, but also adds an important added value to it as it has a use as virgin rubber. In this way we close the circle by recycling the rubber vulcanized scrap reusing  in different or same formulas from where it comes, getting to obtain, in most of the cases, zero residue.

           Francisco de Urquía. CEO, technical Director  R & D